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Welcome to Advocate U, an online university created to inspire, educate, and give you the resources you need to be a leader in the fight against global poverty. We’re so glad you’re here!

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As an advocate you are ready to join our fight to end global poverty. What we all must keep in mind is that any sustainable solution must address the roots of the issue: the absence of opportunities and resources. CARE Action! is concerned about the circumstances of all people and, in our work, we address these inequalities that lead to poverty. Your efforts will help!

CARE Action! has found that women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty. Our advocacy supports impoverished women and families by promoting policy reforms that improve U.S. foreign assistance programs. Our recommendations aim to make U.S. aid to developing countries more:

  • cost-effective

  • timely

  • sustainable

  • and efficient

As a CARE advocate you’ll be making the case as to why investments in global health and development are crucial to the fight against global poverty to your Members of Congress. Here you can learn about our legislative policy and become familiar with our 2018 advocacy agenda.

Foreign Assistance Budget

The foreign assistance budget comprises only 1 percent of the federal budget – just one cent of every budget dollar – and delivers immeasurable benefits both here in America and around the world. Beyond saving countless lives, foreign assistance benefits our own national security by alleviating suffering and decreasing poverty to create a more prosperous and safe world for everyone. It’s a hand up, not a handout.

However, the Trump Administration is proposing deep and disproportionate cuts to foreign assistance at a time in our history when it is needed more than ever. Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs and they need to hear from you. Sign our petition to tell Congress today: #DontCutLives.

Tell Congress, #DontCutLives!

Congress is currently negotiating the budget which will determine lifesaving foreign assistance funding and they need to hear from you.

Food and nutrition security

Over 795 million people around the world do not have enough food to eat. While emergency response and food aid are critical in many circumstances, our ultimate goal must be to lessen the frequency, severity, and impact of devastating emergiences and focus on developing each country’s self-reliance and ability to meet their own population’s needs. That’s why CARE focuses on both emergency and long-term food and nutrition security programs.

Dear Congress: Help Stop Hunger

Tell Congress to ensure that the Global Food Security Strategy is fully funded and implemented.

Gender and Empowerment

Globally, 1.2 billion people live in absolute poverty and most of them are women and girls.

CARE recognizes that gender inequality and gender-based violence (GBV) are embedded in social norms and require long-term approaches to address these barriers. But we know that things are changing –in many countries the acceptance of violence against women is decreasing. It will take every one of us — advocates, elected officials, international leaders — standing in solidarity across the globe to end gender inequality and the injustice of violence

CARE advocates for the U.S. Government to integrate gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment throughout its foreign assistance programs, to include strong policies and robust resources that combat gender based violence, prevent and address child marriage and support women and girls in emergencies and humanitarian settings.

Let ALL girls learn

America's investment in girls' education is just one of many ways U.S. foreign aid makes incredible progress reducing global poverty.

Humanitarian and Emergency Assistance

Today, more than 65 million individuals are displaced due to conflict and persecution while simultaneously, more than 20 million individuals across four countries face famine conditions resulting in the largest humanitarian caseload since 1945.

The only way to face this unprecedented era of ever-increasing catastrophes is with robust funding, bold new ideas and effective reform of current humanitarian assistance – including prioritizing the unique needs of women and girls in emergencies.

America must stand with refugees
We urge our legislators in Congress to speak out unequivocally in support of refugee families, and stand against the travel ban.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Among the most effective, affordable and life-changing interventions is the ability for women to time and space their pregnancies when it’s best suited for them. We know this simple tool – called family planning – gives women and families access to information and contraception, so they can voluntarily decide if, when and how many children to have.

Increased availability, quality and access to maternal health and family planning services would not only save lives and improve the health of women and children, but would also have a positive impact on the overall health and development of families, communities and countries.

CARE Action advocates for the U.S. government to support policies and allocate robust resources to increase the quality, access and availability of voluntary family planning as part of women’s essential health care services.

Save Lives by Supporting Family Planning

UNFPA is a leader in ending preventable child and maternal deaths worldwide. Urge your Members of Congress to save women's access to lifesaving care!

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