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March is all about celebrating women — women who fight the odds, break barriers, and stand up for what they believe in. Join the voices of millions of women worldwide calling for protections from violence and harassment in the world of work and make #March4Women.

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Our Issues

Gender and Empowerment
Math teacher Seema Singh (center) works with Shalindri, 13, and Nisha, 14, during class at the UDAAN Accelerated Learning Camp for girls near Hardoi, India.
Gender-based violence has reached epidemic proportions in countries around the world.

Learn more about our work on gender equality
Foreign Assistance Budget
Women receive seeds at CARE's seed distribution in South Sudan. CARE distributed seeds for cowpeas, tomato, eggplant, sesame, sorghum, watermelon and more to 21,000 households in Jonglei, one of the areas most affected by the conflict.
Foreign aid represents one penny on the U.S. dollar, but saves millions of lives each year.

Learn more about the budget
Refugees from Myanmar arrive in Bangladesh.
In humanitarian crises, women and children are often affected the most.

Learn more about our emergency response
Food and Nutrition
Kien Quang Thi is a human weather app - not only does she forecast the weather, but she also provides advice for farmers on on what, when, and how to plant. Her objective is to better prepare her community for extreme weather phenomena.
We aim to feed people in a more sustainable, equitable, and flexible way.

Read more about our fight against hunger
Maternal health and food in Ethiopia
Access to reproductive health services is key to preventing maternal and child mortality.

Learn more about our health work

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By Emily Janoch

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Testimony of CARE COO Heather Higginbottom: House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Posted 2/27/19

On February 27, 2019, CARE USA Chief Operating Officer Heather Higginbottom testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on...

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Courage, Decisions, and Networks — The Real Benefits of VSLA

Posted 2/26/19

How economic empowerment is born — not from dollars, but from women, networks, and courage. Learn more.

By Emily Janoch

“When I...

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How One Woman Led Her Family's Transformation

Posted 2/20/19
“The project enabled my family to be stronger… there is no work I won’t try.”

Meet Zewede Yilma, a 38-year-old mother of six living in Meskan Woreda,...

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