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Crisis in Yemen - ACT NOW!

Yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with 14 million people at risk of famine. The need for U.S. leadership has never been greater – aid alone cannot eliminate suffering globally. Tell your members of Congress to speak out and urge the Administration to unequivocally respond to and address the root causes of conflict and humanitarian crises.

Post-Election Engagement

The votes are in. Now what? Learn how to engage incumbents and
newly elected members of Congress on our global poverty issues.

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How to Call Congress

Calling your Member of Congress is one of the most effective ways to take action for a better world. And it only takes 5 minutes!

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Congress Needs to Hear From You

We're so close to passage of a key women's econonomic empowerment bill. 

A woman makes baskets at an artisan VSLA meeting in Zanzibar.

Our Issues

Foreign Assistance Budget
CARE Action! is focused on the refugee crisis and gender equality.
Foreign aid represents one penny on the U.S. dollar, but saves millions of lives each year.

Learn more about the budget
Access to family planning services could prevent up to 30 percent of maternal deaths per year.
Access to reproductive health services is key to preventing maternal and child mortality.

Learn more about our health work
El Niño has caused the worst drought on record for decades.
We aim to feed people in a more sustainable, equitable, and flexible way.

Read more about our fight against hunger
Top emergencies in 2018 included escalating crises in the DRC, Bangladesh/Myanmar, and Afghanistan.
In humanitarian crises, women and children are often affected the most.

Learn more about our emergency response
Gender & Empowerment
Globally, 1.2 billion people live in absolute poverty and most of them are women and girls.
Gender-based violence has reached epidemic proportions in countries around the world.

Learn more about our work on gender equality

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Help improve millions of lives around the world

of maternal deaths occur in developing countries

Nearly every two minutes a woman dies of pregnancy-related complications. 

people will be impacted by El Niño

El Niño has caused the worst drought on record for decades and global, successive harvest failures. 

of all childhood deaths are due to poor nutrition

Malnutrition leads to lasting health problems and stunted development in children. 

people need assistance in Syria

Over 4.5 million live in areas that aid agencies can only reach occasionally and sometimes, not at all.