States of Fragility and Global Violence

States of Fragility and Global Violence: An OECD Report

Over 15 years, nearly half of all people, 3.34 billion, have suffered from political violence or lived under its shadow, notes a new OECD report. Violence is on the rise and, surprisingly, conflict is not the leading cause of death. Fragile contexts, especially those where governments are ineffective and social contracts with their populations broken-drive much of this violence, plus refugee flight, pandemic diseases and other catastrophes. So understanding and measuring fragility is vital to U.S. and international policies that aim to prevent crises. Join the U.S. Institute of Peace and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development for the Washington launch of an OECD report-States of Fragility 2016-that offers a new approach to monitoring the fragility of states at risk.

Twenty-two percent of the global population now live in countries where human development is hampered by fragility and violence. On Tuesday, January 24, USIP, OECD, and other specialists will discuss OECD's States of Fragility report, which presents a new approach for measuring the extent of fragility. The new OECD approach examines five dimensions of fragility-economic, environmental, political, security, and societal-and identifies the 56 countries and territories that have above moderate fragility.

Discussion will include the implications of OECD's new approach for policies, and recent insights into fragility achieved through OECD's work and through the Fragility Study Group, which includes USIP and recently released its own study, U.S. Leadership and the Challenge of State Fragility.

Nancy Lindborg
President, U.S. Institute of Peace

Joseph Hewitt
Vice President for Policy, Learning, and Strategy U.S. Institute of Peace

Sara Batmanglich
Peace and Conflict Advisor, OECD

Reza Lahidji
Partner, Menon Economics

Clare Lockhart
Director and Co-Founder, Institute for State Effectiveness 

Alexa Courtney
CEO and Founder, Frontier Design Group



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