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The Power of Social Movements for Women and Girls

Join David Ray from CARE and Catherine King from the Global Fund for Women and the Global Co-Coordinators of the Women's March in Washington Breanne Butler and Evvie Harmon for a discussion on the power and the promise of social movements at 10am on inauguration day.

Catherine will introduce us to the DefendHers—women activists working tirelessly to defend our freedoms and rights. They stand up under threat of violence from those who wish not only to deny those rights, but also to deny their very right to speak out. Their courage is extraordinary. Their work is crucial for advancing human rights. And yet many of us have never heard their stories. Explore #DefendHer, presented by Global Fund for Women, JASS (Just Associates), and MADRE.

Breanne and Evvie will connect the global to the local as they help us bridge US and global movements that work on the rights of women and girls.

Breanne is a chef in New York City, and the CEO of by Breanne, a fashion and food concept that specializes in candy jewelry. When Breanne isn’t in her kitchen, she loves to advocate for women and diversity in the restaurant industry, and has mentored many cooks throughout their careers. She has been able to use her strength and experience in organizing kitchens to help organize almost 400 marches around the world as the Women’s March Global Coordinator.

Evvie  is a native South Carolinian and currently resides in Greenville, SC. She is a co-founder of the Women’s March on Washington and Global co-coordinator. Evvie comes from a long line of strong women that are very active in their communities. She Graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in Theatre Performance. While attending college, Evvie organized her state for Join the Impact in 2008 (protest against the passing of Prop 8 in California). Currently, she works as a yoga instructor in Easley, SC.

This event is open to the public, but has limited capacity. Please RSVP.  If you're unable to come to the event watch for us on Facebook Live.

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