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Humanitarian needs today have reached exponential levels not seen since World War II. More than 65 million individuals are displaced due to conflict and persecution. Simultaneously, more than 20 million individuals across four countries face famine conditions. 

Now is not the time for the U.S. to pull back from its role in the global community to create a safer, better world for all. 

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The United Nations is predicting global humanitarian needs to increase, with more than 137 million people in 2018 reliant on assistance to meet their most basic needs. The only way to face this unprecedented era of ever-increasing catastrophes is with robust funding, strong diplomatic engagement, and improved humanitarian response — including prioritizing the unique needs of women and girls.

CARE Action advocates for Congress to speak out and urge the administration to respond to and address the root causes of conflict and humanitarian crises, and to robustly fund humanitarian accounts that save lives and build resilience.

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Watch and Share: A Day In Her Life


"I want to become a lawyer, to defend those who have lost their rights," says 16-year-old Syrian refugee Marwa.

Millions of girls have already lost their homes. Don't let them lose their futures:

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Issues - Emergencies - Girls in Emergencies

Girls in Emergencies

During emergencies, women and girls are often the last to eat, access health care, find safe haven for themselves and their families, and are highly vulnerable to abuse, violence and exploitation.

Today, more than 17 million girls have been forced from their homes by violence and other emergencies. CARE works to increase assistance that addresses women and girls in crisis, including access to sexual and reproductive health services, protection, and gender-based violence services. Robust U.S. foreign assistance funding is critical for putting the needs of girls first, especially during emergencies.

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