Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Providing lifesaving relief. Empowering women and girls. Promoting peace and stability globally. As a leader in the fight against extreme poverty, CARE knows that any lasting solution must address the underlying causes of poverty: the lack of access to resources and opportunities. Learn how we’re working to address inequalities worldwide.

This Is Not Working

This Is Not Working

At this momentous time in history, women around the world are breaking the secrecy and silence around sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, and advocating for their rights. We can build accountability on this issue globally — and change the narrative for women everywhere.

Our Campaigns

Learn more and tell legislators about the issues critical to the fight against global hunger, poverty, violence, and discrimination.

Don't Cut Lives

Foreign assistance saves lives. Now we must save foreign assistance.

This Is Not Working

Together, we can end the cycle of abuse for women and girls.

Women’s Economic Empowerment

When we invest in women, we invest in the world.

2018 Elections

Use your voice and your vote to create global change.

16 Days

Violence against women is a global issue that we can prevent.

International Day of the Girl

Each October, celebrate why CARE puts women and girls first.  


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