Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Providing lifesaving relief. Empowering women and girls. Promoting peace and stability globally. As a leader in the fight against extreme poverty, CARE knows that any lasting solution must address the underlying causes of poverty: the lack of access to resources and opportunities. Learn how we’re working to address inequalities worldwide.

This Is Not Working

This Is Not Working

At this momentous time in history, women around the world are breaking the secrecy and silence around sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, and advocating for their rights. We can build accountability on this issue globally — and change the narrative for women everywhere.

Speak Up!

Learn more and tell legislators about the issues critical to the fight against global hunger, poverty, violence, and discrimination.


The foreign assistance budget is roughly 1% of the federal budget, yet saves countless lives across the globe.

Women's Economic Empowerment

When women and girls are agents of their own change and when their economic opportunities increase, the results are transformational.

End Violence Against Women

Tell Congress to protect women globally from violence and abuse. 

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