It’s a Win! – Celebrating the Omnibus

It’s a Win! – Celebrating the Omnibus


After months of hard fighting and top-shelf advocacy, the world and the humanitarian community got a win!  Congress passed the final omnibus bill (the final Fiscal Year 2017 spending bill) and foreign affairs appropriations not only survived the chopping block, it got a bump! And you know those four famines we’re so worried about?  They’re getting emergency funding too. Phew!  Guess who made that happen?  You did!  International foreign assistance is happening because powerful advocates like yourself made calls, held meetings, wrote letters, sent emails, attended town halls and made it clear that providing humanitarian assistance in the world’s poorest countries is downright American. Yes!  (Insert fist pump here)

This omnibus bill only provides funding until September 30, 2017. We anticipate the White House to release its 2018 budget request within the next few weeks and at that point, we’ll all need to suit back up for another round of hard press advocacy. We hope that you’ll join us for the CARE National Conference to do just that!

 For now though, we’ve got what we need to move forward – a spending bill that provides an urgently needed increase in areas of global health, humanitarian assistance and development. Including, $990 million for critical famine relief in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia, where 20 million lives are at stake and an additional $1.6 billion for food aid.  It also protects essential funding for women and girls globally, including support for a multi-year strategy to address gender-based violence. It maintains funding for most foreign assistance programs, protects USAID and UNFPA and requires the White House to consult with Congress before discontinuing any programs or restructuring any departments within the State Department and USAID.

The leadership Congress demonstrated this week encapsulates true American values and the legacy of bipartisanship CARE has witnessed over the past seven decades.

Make no mistake about it, we have lots of hard work ahead of us to ensure we have the funding we need going forward but the passage of this bill sends a very clear message: America is greatest when it lends support to those in need. 

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