Why I Vote: Women & Girls

Women hold the greatest potential for change in their communities. Yet, women and girls are disproportionately affected by violence and prejudices that limit their opportunities and prevent them from lifting themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

How CARE Fights for Women in Emergencies
How CARE Fights for Women in Emergencies
How CARE Ends Maternal and Child Deaths
How CARE Ends Maternal and Child Deaths

Times Are Changing.

In many countries, the acceptance of violence against women is decreasing; societal and cultural norms are being redefined to include women in health care decisions, the economy, and the workforce; and, women are speaking up for their rights.

It will take every one of us — advocates, elected officials, international leaders — standing in solidarity to end gender inequality and empower women across the globe.


Why Your Vote Matters

When you elect champions for women and girls, you help us:

  • Elevate the prevalance of gender-based violence worldwide, including sexual abuse, rape, and child marriage, as a foreign policy priority;
  • Respond to the unique needs of women and girls in emergencies by passing the Safe from the Start Act, which addresses the rise of sexual violence in crisis settings;
  • Prioritize approaches that help women gain equal access to credit, banking services, fair pay, and other economic resources that promote self-sufficiency through women's economic empowerment
  • And, end preventable maternal and child deaths by supporting funding for providers of international family planning and essential health care services, like the United Nations Population Fund.