Why I Vote: Global Poverty

Ongoing crises around the globe demand our attention as millions are forced to flee their homes due to conflict, families lack enough food to eat, and children die from preventable diseases. At a time when billions of people live in poverty, now is not the time for the U.S. to retreat as a humanitarian leader.

How CARE Fights Global Poverty
How CARE Fights Global Poverty
How CARE Promotes Economic Empowerment
How CARE Promotes Economic Empowerment

Global Impact To Your Vote

An estimated 136 million people around the world are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection, including food, water, and shelter. Additionally, CARE believes that at its root, poverty is caused by the unequal distribution of power, resources, and opportunities, particularly among women.

Strong U.S. leadership is needed now to empower women globally and support programs that saves lives, reduces suffering, and puts communities on a path towards self-reliance.


Why Your Vote Matters

When you elect champions on global poverty issues, you help us:

  • Fund humanitarian programs that build resilience abroad and improve the lives of women and their communities by protecting the U.S. foreign assistance budget;
  • Increase diplomatic engagement within Congress, encouraging them to put pressure on global leaders to find peaceful solutions to violence;
  • And, empower women to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty by increasing their access to resources and opportunities, and eliminating gender-based violence.