Write a Letter to the Editor

Write A Letter to the Editor

Tips for Writing Letters to the Editors (LTEs)

  • Keep in mind the many different types of publications – national, local and daily newspapers
  • Be concise (typically around 150-175 words max) and credible, using statistics and personal experience where appropriate.
  • Refer to recent stories published in the paper. The letter to the editor typically references an article or editorial published in the last day or two and either agrees with the writer’s thesis (usually adding additional detail or supporting information) or takes issue with the facts or arguments presented in the article (and offers an alternative point of view). Always be respectful and constructive.
  • Include your name, address, e-mail and phone number.
  • Once submitted, share with your regional advocacy coordinator! We would love to highlight your LTE on our platforms.
  • If your LTE gets published, post a photo of your published LTE or share/retweet the news outlet’s tweet/post of your LTE, tag @CARE!


Sample Letter to the Editor
Sample Letter to the Editor
View our sample Letter to the Editor for the 2020 Midterm Elections. Personalize your letter with CARE issues that you are passionate about and recent events in the news.
Share Your LTE on Social Media
Share Your LTE on Social Media
If your LTE gets published, don't forget to post a photo or link of your published LTE and tag @CARE!