Generate Media Attention

Generate Media Attention


Social Media Checklist

1. Add the hashtag #voteifyoucare and tag @CAREActionNow in each social copy. Always include a photo or an image with your post and tweet.

2. Follow CARE Action on social media! Feel free to like or share our content with the candidates and current Members of Congress you think need to know about global development and ending poverty. Make sure to tag them in your posts.

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3. Follow your Member of Congress and congressional candidates on Twitter, Facebook or other platforms to keep track of what they are working on and talking about. Your candidates and incumbent Members of Congress will likely list social media information on his/her website.

4. Learn how to add a constituent badge to your Facebook page to get better visibility in your district with your Member of Congress.

5. Check out Advocate U to view additional resources about using social media to engage with your Members of Congress.

6. Invite your friends to like @CAREActionNow on Twitter and Facebook.



Sample Tweets:

Feel free to click the sample tweets below and immediately share on your own Twitter feed or reword to reflect your own voice. Be sure to look up the twitter handle of your candidate or Member of Congress and tag him or her using the @ symbol.

U.S. Foreign Assistance 

Food and Nutrition Security

Humanitarian Emergencies

Gender-based Violence

Maternal Health


Writing your own Facebook messages or tweets? Great! Here are some questions to inspire you: 

  • How are the midterm elections relevant to fighting poverty globally?
  • Why does fighting poverty inspire you to take action? What can your friends and family do to help?
  • What will you do when you return home after a candidate’s town hall to continue the conversation?
  • What’s the overall goal of the candidate’s campaign? How can you contribute to making sure that global issues are part of their platform?


Short URLs:

Short urls (or links) save space in your tweets or other social posts. The following are short urls to pages on CARE that correspond with the issues you may be asking candidates to learn more about. You can create your own short url with any link by visiting a site like

You can also visit CARE Action’s “Explore the issues” page on Advocate U to learn more.