How to Engage

Advocate Action Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you engage with candidates in your state or district in a variety of ways.
Prepare Yourself


1. Prepare

Familiarize yourself with CARE’s work and CARE Action’s stance on advocacy issues, connect with your Regional Advocacy Coordinator and browse resources to learn more about the candidates.

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Communicate Effectively


2. Communicate effectively

The key to influencing the people who represent you is proving to them that you are a committed, well-informed and a persistent constituent. It is important that you take time to prepare your thoughts, familiarize yourself with your candidate and follow up as many times as it takes. 

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Generate Attention


3. Generate media attention

Social media can be a powerful way to publicly connect with candidates during the 2018 midterm elections. As a CARE Action advocate, you can use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to let your candidate know what poverty-fighting issues matter to you.

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Meet with a Candidate

4. Meet with a candidate

Face-to-face meetings with a candidate or a senior staff member provide one of the best opportunities to express your opinion and discuss your concerns. These meetings are also a great way to build a relationship that can be continued or resumed in Washington, D.C., should the candidate be elected or re-elected.

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Write a Letter to the Editor


5. Write a letter-to-the-editor or op-ed

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) and Op-Eds can reach audiences you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. When written concisely and relevantly, you can spark worthwhile conversation.

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Attend a Town Hall Meeting


6. Attend a town hall meeting

The easiest way to meet a candidate for Congress is to attend their public events. We urge you to take every opportunity to attend the events hosted by candidates from both political parties.

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Host A Pre-Election Party 

7. Host an election party

A pre-election party is an opportunity to inform and engage friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors in meaningful discussion about candidates – how they align with CARE’s mission to save lives, overcome poverty, and achieve social justice.

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