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The Total Package

The Total Package

The CARE Package began as a box of relief for a war torn Europe. Today that package has changed. Today CARE works through all avenues to provide lasting change. Join us as we amplify the message from Capitol Hill to the district offices of Legislators.

Becoming an advocate isn't as complicated as you might think. Through the Amplify Project, you can be a voice for change and join the fight against poverty and social injustice around the world. Become a part of a community that is making sure our nation's leaders understand and address these issues.

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: One Neighborhood – Stronger Together

Posted 8/10/18

With the local NGO Akkarouna, CARE in Lebanon has provided shelter and access to services for some of the most vulnerable communities hosting Syrian...

Women and the World: Why CARE Puts Gender Equality and Empowerment First

Posted 7/31/18

Imagine what a woman could accomplish for herself and her family if she had the support and confidence to pursue her own aspirations? Or what she might...

In a First, CARE Action Running Ads Supporting US Congressional Candidates

Posted 7/26/18

WASHINGTON— CARE Action , the 501(c)(4) advocacy arm of the global humanitarian and...

5 Minutes of Inspiration: From Disbelief to Entrepreneurship

Posted 7/24/18

Women in Morocco long held back by cultural norms and traditions said, “At first, we didn’t believe what CARE proposed.” Find out what changed their...


Join us as we build out a base of support in each state to fight global poverty.
We are organized by state and legislative district.