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The Total Package

The Total Package

The CARE Package began as a box of relief for a war torn Europe. Today that package has changed. Today CARE works through all avenues to provide lasting change. Join us as we amplify the message from Capitol Hill to the district offices of Legislators.

Becoming an advocate isn't as complicated as you might think. Through the Amplify Project, you can be a voice for change and join the fight against poverty and social injustice around the world. Become a part of a community that is making sure our nation's leaders understand and address these issues.

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CARE: Don’t Use Life-Saving Aid for Political Leverage

Posted 10/18/18

WASHINGTON—CARE, the global humanitarian and development organization, strongly opposes any effort to cancel humanitarian assistance for political...

It's Not Too Late to #VoteIfYouCare

Posted 10/16/18

No matter where you live, it has never been more critical than now to get involved in the elections. The global issues you care about — like violence...

5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Refugees Help Niger Shorten the Hungry Season

Posted 10/16/18

In Niger’s Diffa region, refugees and host communities are working together to grow 3-4 months more food than they had before. Find out how. By Emily...

Advocating Today for a Better Tomorrow: Preserving the U.S. Commitment to Foreign Assistance

Posted 10/9/18

CARE’s network of dedicated citizen advocates, working hand in hand with CARE staff on Capitol Hill, have succeeded in preventing devastating cuts to...


Join us as we build out a base of support in each state to fight global poverty.
We are organized by state and legislative district.