How Young Men Can Change Gender Norms and Support Women and Girls

Posted 6/15/18

Women’s economic empowerment sustainably lifts women, families and entire communities out of poverty — but only when men get with the program, too....

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Listen: Amplifying Women's Economic Empowerment

Posted 6/14/18

CARE focuses on empowering women and girls in developing countries because we know it’s the most effective and sustainable way to eradicate...

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Meet Melkam: Why CARE invests in women and small-scale farmers

Posted 6/4/18

In a world where over 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, CARE recognizes the importance of empowering those most-impacted....

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How Working From Home Puts Many Women At Risk

Posted 5/30/18

Kokila used to work as a home-based tailor in Delhi, India, but it was an abusive environment. “I worked stitching...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: How does closing the poverty gap save lives?

Posted 5/30/18

CARE Bangladesh has figured out how to improve health care for everyone — with the biggest benefits going to the poor. By Emily Janoch


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Listen: The Conference, the Midterms and Amplify

Posted 5/29/18

Last week, we attended the...

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Always On The Move

Posted 5/18/18

One family’s winding journey in search of safety from the conflict in Syria.

Author: Joelle Bassoul, CARE

Najlaa*, 27, sweeps the...

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Listen: What’s Happening With The Foreign Assistance Budget?

Posted 5/16/18

Next week, hundreds of CARE advocates will gather in Washington, D.C. for the CARE...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Farmers in Bangladesh Cope with Climate Change

Posted 5/16/18

Farmers in Bangladesh are figuring out how to cope with climate change. Learn more. By Emily Janoch.

After 16 days of the fields in Bangladesh...

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