5 Minutes of Inspiration: Solidarity and Savings Graduate Families Out of Poverty

Posted 8/28/18

What do Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) members do with refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Get them homes, jobs, and a plan to...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: One Neighborhood – Stronger Together

Posted 8/10/18

With the local NGO Akkarouna, CARE in Lebanon has provided shelter and access to services for some of the most vulnerable communities hosting Syrian...

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Women and the World: Why CARE Puts Gender Equality and Empowerment First

Posted 7/31/18

Imagine what a woman could accomplish for herself and her family if she had the support and confidence to pursue her own aspirations? Or what she might...

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In a First, CARE Action Running Ads Supporting US Congressional Candidates

Posted 7/26/18

WASHINGTON— CARE Action , the 501(c)(4) advocacy arm of the global humanitarian and...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: From Disbelief to Entrepreneurship

Posted 7/24/18

Women in Morocco long held back by cultural norms and traditions said, “At first, we didn’t believe what CARE proposed.” Find out what changed their...

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Listen: Engaging Men and Boys In The Fight For Gender Equality

Posted 7/11/18

When Besnik Leka, coordinator of CARE’s Young Men’s Initiative in the...

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How Married Girls in Ethiopia are Taking Charge of Their Lives

Posted 7/5/18

“In the past I didn’t even want to be seen by other people, let alone talk to them. Nowadays, I am not scared of anyone. I speak up. I say what is on...

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Listen: Where Things Stand in the 2018 Midterms

Posted 6/26/18

With seven states voting in primary elections this week, and several more to come this July, our latest episode of the CARE Action podcast is...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Cash Transfers Help Women Hold Their Heads High

Posted 6/19/18

Women in Chad say the biggest impacts of cash transfers is that now they can hold their heads high. Learn more.

By Emily Janoch


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