How One Woman Led Her Family's Transformation

Posted 2/20/19
“The project enabled my family to be stronger… there is no work I won’t try.”

Meet Zewede Yilma, a 38-year-old mother of six living in Meskan Woreda,...

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Coalition statement on the White House Women’s Global Development & Prosperity Initiative

Posted 2/15/19

The Coalition for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Equality (CWEEE) acknowledges the importance of the launch of the Women’s Global Development and...

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Breaking Barriers: 'My Husband Is One of The Reasons Behind My Business Success'

Posted 2/12/19

In Ethiopia it is not common to see husbands supporting their wives with household chores. But Fikeru is one of the brave husbands who is...

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From Woman to Superwoman: Hadjo's Journey

Posted 1/23/19

By Elizabeth Adéwalé, CARE Niger

She is one of the most politically active women in Niger, a woman who enjoys great popularity for her...

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5 Minutes of Inspiration: How Human Rights Are Made by Women

Posted 1/7/19

Find out how CARE is helping 3.5 million women improve their rights.

By Emily Janoch

What does it mean to have dignified work? If...

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A Conversation with CARE: How We're Fighting to End Violence & Harassment in the Workplace Globally

Posted 12/7/18

By Margie Lauter

Veronica Burneo from CARE Latin America and Lesley Abraham from CARE Asia recently visited the United States to discuss how...

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Making Work Safe for Women Everywhere: 5 Things to Know About Ending Violence and Harassment

Posted 11/21/18

Women around the globe are bravely breaking the silence and secrecy around sexual harassment at work in the hopes of changing the narrative for women...

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The Faces of Venezuela's Migrant Crisis

Posted 11/20/18

By Daniel Almeida

At the Carcelén bus station in the north of Quito, the Rodriguez family waits for the departure of their bus to the...

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What Is Lame Duck and What Can We Expect from Congress?

Posted 11/19/18

Now that the 2018 midterm elections are over, advocates across the country are gearing up to engage with incumbents and newly-elected members of...

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