Women on the Move - Hear Their Stories

Women on the Move - Hear Their Stories



Saadé is an orphan who was able to start attending school in 2009 through her grandmother’s activism with Mata Masu Dubara (MMD). In Niger, the women in the MMD network support the rights of thousands of girls and women like Saadé and work to change mindsets about gender and education in their community.
“All girls my age stop studying and get married. I have to choose between continuing my studies and giving in to social pressure.”



After Hortense’s husband died, she fought to keep possession of her land and property. She joined a savings group in 2015 to learn new skills in farming and entrepreneurship. She is now the president of her group and became a leader in connecting women to financial services. She represents the women of her village in the local gender committee.
“Even though there aren’t many banks in my region, I made sure my savings group got connected to a financial institution.”


Emelia is a successful farmer who was able to develop a new source of income through her activity with the savings group. She joined a savings group in 2016 and used a loan to cultivate land she inherited from her parents. She wants to take out another loan to send her oldest child to secondary school.
“I can provide for my family, send my children to school, and participate in community engagements.”

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