Women on the Move

Women on the Move


Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment for Women in West Africa

Women are on the move in West Africa, organizing to fight poverty and social injustice in their communities. Increasing numbers of women and girls are mobilizing in savings groups in order to provide for their families. As a result of their financial empowerment, they are rising up to make their voices heard.

Know these stats:

  • In 2014 in West Africa, only 12% of women had an account at a financial institution
  • In 2014 in West Africa, only 6.5% of women saved at a formal financial institution
  • In 2016, 7% of women in West Africa (not including Nigeria) were members of CARE’s savings groups
  • From 2004 – 2016, the number of women’s savings groups members in Niger running for political office jumped from 112 to 1,069

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about CARE’s savings groups in West Africa and how they are transforming the lives of women and their communities. 

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