Women’s March Anniversary Video Toolkit

Women’s March Anniversary Video Toolkit


It’s January 2018, one year since the Inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington. 2017 was a tumultuous year where advocates stepped forward like never before to voice strong opinions about what they want for foreign assistance, for women and girls around the world and for the state of the world at large.  As we head into what will be a critically important election year, CARE Action is asking advocates to record a video and share it on social media. The goal is to get people excited about advocacy in 2018 and encourage others (& your friends!) to become advocates. 

What are you advocating for this year? We want to hear what inspires you, what motivates you, what you're most passionate about, and what you're advocating for. Make your message succinct, but personal. This message will go out to inspire other advocates this year. Use CARE Action as a vehicle to support your stance and raise the idea that the issue(s) at home exists beyond Hollywood and the United States.

We're excited to get advocates motivated this year. Here's a sample script, feel free to improvise:

Hi! I'm Alexa. This year, I'm really excited to continue to fight for women's equality around the world and will continue my work with CARE to do that. I'm inspired by all the people speaking up for women, and I feel really motivated by all women and men supporting the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. This year, I want to see us take a step towards eliminating gender-based violence across the world, and advocating for those who have been forced to flee their homes – especially women and girls who are more vulnerable in times of crisis, yet so often are the ones holding their families and communities together. This is what inspires me and what I'm fighting for this year, thanks for watching!

Ideas you can discuss: workplace violence, harassment, and discrimination; gender inequality; global poverty; the power and resilience of women and girls; importance of foreign affairs budget; global hunger; advocates as change agents 

How-to instructions for advocates

    1. Use ACTIVE voice.
    2. Nice backgrounds, good lighting, and sound. (If filming outdoors, lighting is best between 9-11 am, 4-6 pm, *please make sure the sun is not in the background*)
    3. Square or horizontal frame.
    4. Keep it short (preferably 30 seconds or less).
    5. Tweet and post your video by January 20. In your social copy, include hashtag #WhyIMarch. Tag @CAREActionNow. Tag/ask/challenge friends to do the same.

Social media copy example: Hi everyone! To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Women's March, I'm sharing what inspires me and what I'm advocating for this year. #WhyIMarch [any emojis you find appropriate] Join me this year to support @CARE's mission as a @CAREActionNow advocate! @Friend1 and @Friend2, what are you advocating for this year?

*Your video may be shared on @CAREActionNow Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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