Whose shoes are we walking in?

Whose shoes are we walking in?


Throughout our Walk In Her Shoes campaign and the Women’s March on Washington, we’re walking in solidarity with women and girls all around the world. 

But exactly whose shoes are we walking in? 

We’re walking with every woman and girl who has faced poverty, hunger, violence or any obstacle to living a healthy, dignified and empowered life. We’re walking with Janviere in Rwanda, Yeshehareg and Fatuma in Ethiopia and Dhana in Nepal – women have inspired us with the transformative change they’ve achieved through partnership with CARE in their communities.

These women’s stories came to us through an international storytelling competition among CARE staff all over the world.  They’re some of the best examples we’ve read of how personal and powerful women’s empowerment is. We’re telling these stories and sharing our own in solidarity with women all over the world.   Join us!  

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