What You Can Do Right Now to Advocate for Women and Girls Globally!

What You Can Do Right Now to Advocate for Women and Girls Globally!


For many Americans, the conversations we had around this year’s Thanksgiving table were like none we’ve had before.  Sure, we talked about gratitude and football, but we also squabbled about the election and speculated about the new Administration.  Some of those conversations were angry, fearful, and full of disappointment.  Others were hopeful, energized and determined.  Table-by-table, city-by-city, we’re all taking part in a noisy national dialogue about how the United States will govern and lead in the days and years to come. 

 CARE and CARE Action are having that conversation too – and we want you to join us now!  No, really…right now.  We know you have a minute or more. 

 Here’s what you can do to advocate for CARE in:

  • 30 seconds – Like and share CARE Action’s social media posts to raise awareness of gender based violence during the 16 Days of Activism to end gender-based violence that kicked off on Friday.  We know that #nowmorethanever we need to stand in solidarity to end violence against women and girls globally.
  • 2 minutes – Sign and share our 16 Days of Activism pledge to end violence against women and girls globally.
  • 10 minutes - Watch a video to learn how CARE is working with men and women in Rwanda to break the cycle of violence:
  • 30 minutes - Join CARE Action’s Rachael Leman and Ellen Carmichael for a post-election discussion on Thursday, Dec 8th at 12:30 ET/11:30 CT/9:30 PT.  Dial 1-877-270-2148 and ask for the “CARE post-election conference call” to join.
  • 4 hours - Use our event planning and discussion guide to organize a small group discussion in your community on the need to address violence against women and girls globally and actions that people can take locally to contribute to the global movement.   Download our guide here.

 Ready, set, advocate… Join the CARE Action! Network and start advocating for girls and women in the world’s poorest countries now.  We’re committed, effective and more determined than ever to make change happen.  Join us!


Ellen Carmichael, Deputy Director of Citizen Advocacy at CARE USA 


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