What is World Food Day?

What is World Food Day?


First celebrated in 1981, World Food Day is a day for people around the world to come together to show a commitment to working toward eradicating hunger as a global concern within our lifetimes. It’s recognized on October 16 of each year to commemorate the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on that date in 1945.

Each year, World Food Day has a theme, and this year’s theme is that “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must, too.”  The message is that climate change profoundly affects the ability of the people who provide food to the citizens of the world to do their jobs (and in many cases feed themselves and their own families) — and that those providers are themselves sometimes the most vulnerable when it comes to extreme weather, wages, and living conditions.

According to the FAO, 193 countries have pledged to end hunger in the next 15 years. That can only happen if we pay attention to the ways climate change is affecting small-scale food producers, especially in rural areas around the world, and ensure that they still have the means to supply their local populations with the food they need.

 On this World Food Day, millions of people around the world will be committing to join the effort to end world hunger by the year 2030 — will you be among them? Although it sounds like a daunting challenge, we can all play our part. 

 Some simple ways to honor World Food Day 2016 in your own household would be to commit to:

—Wasting less water and food

—Eating more organic and locally grown produce, if possible

—Being thoughtful about the kinds of fish you eat

—Recycling whenever you can

—Walking, biking and using public transportation when these are an option

—Being a generally more conscientious consumer

—Taking the Zero Hunger Challenge 

 Telling our future President that they must ensure the implementation of the Global Food Security Act 

We all share this global climate and we all eat. These choices we make — though they may seem relatively insignificant at the time — can cumulatively impact the world and create a better future for us all.  

Please join us as we celebrate World Food Day 2016 and work together to make hunger a thing of the past.

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