This week, it’s time to make some noise for the world’s most vulnerable

This week, it’s time to make some noise for the world’s most vulnerable


Join thousands of citizen advocates across the country in raising your voice this week.

From March 20 – 24, we’re teaming up with partner organizations for a massive call to action!  President Trump’s budget request to slash funding for foreign assistance by 31% is staggering – and could be deadly. It puts at risk millions of vulnerable people in developing countries who count on our support. These proposed cuts – if they were actually put in place – would escalate global instability and lead to increased conflicts, desperation and global poverty.  That’s not what America stands for.

That’s why we’re campaigning on a simple idea: foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny. What do we mean by that? Foreign assistance programs account for only one penny out of every federal budget dollar.  To learn more about what that penny accomplishes, click here.  

You’ll see that for just one penny on the dollar, our foreign assistance budget saves a lot of lives and makes this a safer, better world for all of us. We need to join together and make our elected officials in Washington get the message: In extraordinary times, America doesn’t step aside. We step up. This week, we need you to step up with us. 

Here’s how: 

We’re kicking off with a CARE Action Budget Briefing Call on Monday, March 20th at 8PM EST.  Set this time aside and ask your friends and colleagues to join the call too.  This is your chance to get inside information on what President Trump’s budget request means and our strategies to protect funding for humanitarian response and development. 

Use these posts to invite your people to the call.   This is important!  The more people who know what the foreign assistance budget pays for, the more advocacy power we have to protect it.  

  • Facebook: 

All hands on deck! The President’s budget proposal has been released and we need everyone to make some noise!  Find out what the new budget would mean to the world’s most vulnerable on   the CARE Action Budget Briefing Call - Monday, March 20th at 8pm Eastern Time – Then, get ready to advocate!  Find out how on this call. Call-in instructions: 1-877-270-2148 *Ask to be connected to the CARE Budget Briefing Call* 

Let’s call this #MakeSomeNoise Monday!  Join the CARE Action Budget Briefing Call. Find out what the new budget would mean to global poverty and what you can do about it. Monday, March 20th at 8pm Eastern Time Call in instructions: 1-877-270-2148 *Ask to be connected to the CARE Budget Briefing Call* 

  • Twitter: 

Fired-up advocates needed. Join @CAREActionNow’s Budget Briefing Call tonight (link to this post) 

Foreign assistance is under threat & we’re not having it! Join @CAREActionNow’s call & find out what to do (link to this post) 

Then, check out our Mobilization Toolkit and share it with your friends.  Use it as an opportunity to gather your network, train new advocates and join an army of CARE supporters across the country to demand full funding for the International Affairs Budget.  The toolkit contains everything you need to advocate hard all week long including a sample:  

  • Script to call your Members of Congress
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Letter to your Member of Congress
  • Social Media Posts

Most important, we need you to share your creative ideas for how we can raise awareness, gather supporters and tell Congress and America that foreign assistance is far too important to cut.  Find us on Facebook and tell us what that penny means to you. Post your #WorthThePenny advocacy plans and ideas, tag us and help us mobilize support all over America.  This may be among the most important advocacy opportunities of our lifetime and we know we can count on our advocates to bring it.   


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