Week 7: Prepare

Week 7: Prepare


Whether you read the news every morning, or rarely give it a thought, it is not too late to make your voice heard.  At CARE Action we firmly believe that a voice raised is never a voice wasted. With election season in full swing, we want to maximize the political engagement necessary for global progress. Our #50ways50days campaign is doing just that. Each week we’re bringing you seven ways to engage, united around a common theme.

This week’s theme?  Prepare

The election is finally upon us! Here are seven ways to make the most of the election’s final days. We hope you’re as excited to vote as we are!

  1. Remind your friends to vote when you see them throughout the week: Even for those of us focused on the election, life’s other demands can get in the way. Make sure all of your friends have committed to getting to the polls.
  2. Tell us: why is humanitarian assistance important to you?: There are so many reasons to value humanitarian assistance. Why do you find it is particularly important? Tweet us and let us know!
  3. Pass out information cards about an issue or candidate you’re passionate about: Whether you distribute them in your neighborhood, office, or local coffee shop, information cards are easy to make and a great tool for advocacy on any candidate or issue.
  4. Find out where your polling place is: This seems like a simple detail, but don’t leave it to the last minute! Knowing your plan ahead of time is important, especially if you have a busy schedule, so come Election Day you have nothing standing in between you and the ballot.
  5. Post on social media encouraging your friends to get to the polls: Social media is a great tool for reaching wide audiences. An encouraging post could be the difference for many of your friends who otherwise may not have voted.
  6. Encourage a younger friend or family member to vote: Political engagement is crucial for all generations, and if we want to keep making progress, we need to keep our democracy strong. Reach out to a younger voter, and tell them why they should cast their vote.
  7. Get a group of friends together and VOTE!: Organizing a group trip to the polls makes voting fun and is a great way to hold your friends accountable for casting their ballot! Whether it’s two friends or ten, celebrate the day and know you’re making your voice heard.

Thanks for tuning in over the last 50 days! We hope you’ve enjoyed an active election season. Keep on advocating, and we’ll see you in the next administration!


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