Week 6: Advocate

Week 6: Advocate


Whether you read the news every morning, or rarely give it a thought, it is not too late to make your voice heard.  At CARE Action we firmly believe that a voice raised is never a voice wasted. With election season in full swing, we want to maximize the political engagement necessary for global progress. Our #50ways50days campaign is doing just that. Each week we’re bringing you seven ways to engage, united around a common theme.

This week’s theme?  Advocate

Advocacy is at the heart of global progress. By using your knowledge to inform others, you can contribute to a more informed and active society. Check out these seven ways to bring attention to your cause.

  1. Tell us: what humanitarian issues would you like to see the next president focus on?: Women’s empowerment? Food and nutrition security? Education? What issue do you feel connected to or passionate about? Let us know, and while you’re at it, let other people in your life know as well!
  2. Write a letter telling your representative what issues you'd like to see them focus on next term: Representatives work to support the concerns and wishes of their constituents. By letting them know what issue you’d like to see them focus on, you help them do the best job they can do while raising your voice on an important topic.
  3. Sign and share a petition on a topic you’re passionate about: Petitions are a great way to collect support for the change you’d like to see happen. There are tons of petitions on the web that you can sign and share with your friends over social media. Here’s a good place to start: http://bit.ly/2eiHu3M
  4. Participate in a march or rally for a human rights issue: This is one of the most exciting things you can do to advocate!  It connects you with like-minded people and raised awareness for your cause. If there aren’t any events happening in your area, organize one yourself!
  5. Donate to a humanitarian cause: If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, making a donation to a charity can go a long way. With the holiday season on the horizon, you may want to consider asking for donations to a humanitarian cause rather than asking for gifts.
  6. Share an article on Facebook about a humanitarian issue you’re passionate about: Facebook is a great platform for advocacy. If you see an article containing information you think your friends and family could benefit from, share it! If you’re interested, chances are others may be too.
  7. If your elected official has supported humanitarian causes, thank them!: Never underestimate how far a “thank you” can go. Send a tweet, write an email, or make a call to express gratitude for their support of a humanitarian issue you find important.

Thanks for reading up on what you can do to advocate this election season. Watch out for our final blog next week, and join the conversation using #50ways50days on twitter! 

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