Week 5: Speak Out

Week 5: Speak Out


Whether you read the news every morning, or rarely give it a thought, it is not too late to make your voice heard.  At CARE Action we firmly believe that a voice raised is never a voice wasted. With election season in full swing, we want to maximize the political engagement necessary for global progress. Our #50ways50days campaign is doing just that. Each week we’re bringing you seven ways to engage, united around a common theme.

 This week’s theme?  Speak Out

You’re knowledgeable. You’re passionate. You can make a difference. This week, we’re bringing you seven ways to raise your voice and make your impact.

  1. Organize a watch party for the third presidential debate: Getting a group of friends together is a great way to involve those who might not normally pay attention to politics. Watching the debates together is a fun, easy way for everyone to learn the issues and positions of the candidates.
  2.  Watch the third presidential debate: The third presidential debate sets the stage for the final weeks of the election season. A lot can be learned simply by tuning in, or looking at online recaps if you missed it.
  3. Discuss the debate with family and friends: Talking about the debate is an effective way to get family and friends involved in the political discussion. What did the candidates do well? Did any of your impressions change? Where did you agree and disagree? Keep discussions open and positive.
  4. Call your representative and tell them why humanitarian assistance is important to their constituents: Representatives work to reflect the desires of their constituents. As such, insight and feedback can be helpful so they know what to focus on. Each community is different, so give your representative a call and tell them why you support humanitarian efforts.
  5. Tweet your representative & tell them to support refugees: The refugee crisis has brought immense devastation to the lives of Syrian families. Tell your representative that we need to bring hope back into their lives if we are to move forward as a global community.
  6. Tell your representative to support the #ReachAct or thank them for already having done so: The Reach Every Mother and Child Act is a bill that would ensure mothers have healthy pregnancies and children have a healthy start in life. Let your representative know you support this critical bill!
  7. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper regarding the nominees’ humanitarian agendas: Change begins at the community level. By writing a letter to the editor of your local paper, you can inform and advocate on a much more personal level. What would you like your community to know prior to the election?

That’s all for this week! Look out for more ways to make a difference this election season, and join the conversation on twitter using #50ways50days

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