Week 1: Get Engaged

Week 1: Get Engaged


Whether you read the news every morning, or rarely give it a thought, it is not too late to make your voice heard.  At CARE Action, we firmly believe that a voice raised is never a voice wasted. With election season in full swing, we want to maximize the political engagement necessary to global progress. Our #50ways50days campaign is doing just that. For the 50 days leading up to the election we'll share one way you can be involved politically. Each week we’re bringing you seven ways to engage, united around a common theme.

This week’s theme? Get Engaged.

In case you missed it on Twitter, here is the rundown of what you can do now to get ready to ensure your voice is heard. 

1. Register to vote: We’re proud to live in a country where every voice matters. Exercising your right to vote is the best way to tell your leaders how you want to see the world progress. But first, you have to register, and register in advance! Don’t know how? This should help: https://vote.usa.gov/ 

2. Encourage your friends to register: Now that you’re registered and ready to vote, help your friends do the same! Share the above link on social media, reach out to a neighbor, or send a friendly reminder to your co-workers. We look forward to seeing you and everyone you know at the polls! 

3. Read up on the global challenges we’re going to see in the next administration: The world is a complex place, and it is important that the candidate you vote for is ready to deal with the most pressing global issues. Here’s a great place to help you get in the loop: http://bit.ly/1IqICxS

4. Learn about the presidential platforms: It’s easy to discount a candidate based on party allegiances, but it is important that you know the stances of all candidates. Platforms are available on each candidate’s website. An informed vote leads to a better country!

5. Volunteer to register others with a local group: There are non-partisan groups all over the country that volunteer their time to register others to vote. Find a group near you and go a step further to make sure all voices are heard.

6. Learn about the federal government: Who makes up the three branches of government? What is each branch specifically responsible for? How are the people and groups that compose the government held accountable? To make the most of your vote, these things are important to understand. Here’s how to learn more: http://bit.ly/1WfAbvn

7. Watch the first presidential debate (Sept. 26th): Watching the debates is one of the best ways to learn about how the candidates will tackles global issues. The first debate will be broadcasted on major news channels and websites. Here is more info on how to watch: http://ti.me/2dm1alb

Watch out for more ways to get politically engaged on twitter and join the conversation using #50ways50days


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