This Week’s Podcast is All About The Budget

This Week’s Podcast is All About The Budget


We know it seems like all we ever talk, write, read and think about here at CARE Action is the foreign assistance budget and how it impacts CARE’s work around the globe. But things change fast on Capitol Hill, and for some of us, it’s all getting a little murky. In this week’s CARE Action podcast, we’re calling on Larry Nowels to take us on a deep dive into what’s happening with the foreign assistance budget.

Larry has worked on foreign aid and federal budget issues in Washington D.C. since, as he puts it, “the Watergate years.” He was a foreign affairs specialist at the Congressional Research Service for 33 years and wrote extensively about U.S. foreign assistance policymaking and Congress’s role in legislating and overseeing American foreign aid programs. Since mid-2006, he’s been a consultant to the Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People Around the Globe (HELP) Commission, and in 2008, he was part of President-elect Obama’s transition team to examine U.S. foreign assistance agencies.

With all that history and expertise, Larry agreed to bring us up to speed on where foreign assistance stands in the current budget and what’s at stake for fiscal year 2018. Don’t worry, he also promised not to make it too “budgety,” because Larry will be the first to tell you, it’s not about the numbers. It’s about the people.

Download the  CARE Action podcast and listen as Larry Nowels explains the history, current climate on Capitol Hill and what’s at stake for the foreign assistance budget.

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