Take Action Tuesday: September 5, 2017

Take Action Tuesday: September 5, 2017


A Big Week and One Big Ask!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and there’s a lot going on this week. Everyone’s kids are back to school, Friday is International Day of Literacy and today, September 5th, is the International Day of Charity. Not to mention, Congress is back in session from August recess. That’s a whole lot of advocacy to cram into one week, but don’t worry…we’re all about multitasking. In fact, all of these September events are interconnected, as is much of CARE’s advocacy work.

No matter where you live, September is traditional back-to-school month. Parents everywhere are filling out forms, picking up school clothes and paying fees. In some countries, parents are also making hard choices about which children get to attend school and which ones don’t. Too often, the choice comes down to gender. Many girls who live in developing countries are excluded from education, where resources are limited, gender norms are strict and expectations for their futures are low.

When girls don’t receive educations, literacy rates, employment and economic opportunities drop and poverty rates increase or stay the same. When girls receiveeducations and are able to pursue economic and employment opportunities, they lift themselves and their families out of poverty and opportunities flourish. That’s what International Day of Literacy is all about –increasing access to education, improving global literacy rates and reducing poverty.

That brings us to The International Day of Charity, which was established to mobilize individuals (like yourself), humanitarian organizations (like CARE) and other stakeholders to increase participation in volunteer and philanthropic activities. It happens on September 5th annually to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. If her life story doesn’t motivate a few volunteers, we don’t know what will

Considering how packed this week is, we’re honoring these occasions with one big ask. For this Take Action Tuesday, please contact your members of Congress and tell them that girls’ education in developing countries is the best path to ending poverty. Ask them to support full, robust funding for the 2018 foreign assistance budget.

Don’t worry…It doesn’t take long.  If you have:

  •  5 minutes: Call your Congressman or Senator and say: I am a supporter of CARE, the leading global humanitarian organization. I’m calling today because girls’ education in developing countries offers the best path to ending poverty. I’m asking you to support full, robust funding for the 2018 foreign assistance budget.

  • 10 minutes: Watch this video from our friends at ONE about the 130 million girls in the world who aren’t in school. Then, share it on social media and start an online conversation with your friends. Ask them to call their members of Congress and post the script above.
  • 20 minutes: Email five friends and ask them to make the call too. The more people who contact their Representatives, the better chance CARE has of meeting the needs of women and girls around the world.

Thanks for all you do to help women, girls and families around the world. We couldn’t do it without you.

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