Take Action Tuesday - September 12, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - September 12, 2017


What a week for CARE Action Advocates.

It’s Take Action Tuesday and you deserve a shout-out.  Last week, we sounded the alarm for IMMEDIATE ACTION and you showed up like champions.  Because you flooded representatives’ and senators’ offices all over the country with phone calls, emails and tweets, we won several key votes in Congress. In the House, several key amendments that CARE supported passed, and every single amendment that we opposed was defeated or withdrawn.  In the Senate, 87 senators stood up against Senator Rand Paul's dangerous amendment to slash foreign assistance funding by $20 billion. And in the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senators Murkowski and Collins joined Senator Shaheen and thirteen other Senators in restoring critical family planning funding. These are huge victories that were only possible because countless advocates like you made your voices heard.

It was an important and encouraging week – but it doesn’t mean foreign aid is safe. Budget negotiations continue and funding for development and emergency humanitarian assistance is still up for debate.  While last week’s stand reflects the values and leadership we know is strong on Capitol Hill, we must continue to flood the House and Senate with messages from constituents (like you and your squad) who care about foreign assistance and smart utilization of American dollars.   

For this Take Action Tuesday, here’s what we need you to do if you have: 

  • 5 minutes:  Check out the roll call vote on Sen. Paul’s amendment and find out how your Senator voted. A “yes” vote was a vote to stop his amendment. If your Senator voted yes, tweet at them to say thanks for defending lifesaving foreign aid. If they voted no, let them know that you oppose this stance and tell them next time, #DontCutLives.
  • 10 minutes:  Keep your research efforts going and investigate how your Representative’s votesmatched up with the CARE voting guide.  One of the most important votes was to take a stand against Rep. Grothman’s amendment to cut a key foreign assistance program by $12 million. A no vote was a vote to support foreign aid. Check out how your Rep voted.
  • 15 minutes: Go the extra mile and call your senators and representative to let them know that you are watching their votes and will keep watching. If they did the right thing, thank them. If they didn’t, let them know that they still have a chance to stand up and defend foreign aid. The battle for the FY18 budget isn’t over yet. Make sure they know that you’re watching and your message is simple: #DontCutLives. Not sure who your elected officials are? Find your Representative here and your Senators here. You can reach all three by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  

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