Take Action Tuesday - October 31, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - October 31, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and Halloween – and amid the costumes and candy, this week we want to take some time to talk about some of the countless ways that women all around the world are transforming their lives in ways big and small.  It’s been a pretty tough year, with lots of urgent advocacy action, and some of our biggest goals – like saving the foreign assistance budget – are still yet to be achieved.  But with the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season that Halloween brings, we want to take some time to remember that YOUR advocacy work, and the CARE programs you help to support, is helping to change lives.

As you gather with friends and family today or in the weeks ahead, take time to talk about the women who gather in small village savings and loan associations (VSLA) in communities where CARE works and offer each other a path to economic empowerment that benefits their communities for generations. Talk about what happens when women and girls can access healthcare, nutrition, education and economic opportunities in countries where foreign assistance is provided by the United States. Talk about the optimism and perseverance CARE sees in women all over the world and their determination to make the most of their lives and the lives of their children. We can’t think of a better way to kick off the holidays. Here’s how you can join us if you have:

  • 3 minutes: Watch this video to learn about how CARE is partnering with women garment workers to help them gain access to their rights and live with dignity and equality in their communities.
  • 10 minutes: Watch this video, Women on the Move, about Fatchima, a grandmother in Niger whose life was changed by a women’s VSLA and what she hopes will happen to her beloved granddaughter. Then, share it on social media and tag 5 friends who will share it too.
  • 15 minutes: Read this success story about Kallani in Bangladesh who reduced violence in her marriage and improved her entire village’s economic status by learning techniques to improve her cow’s milk production. Share this story with friends and family and start conversations about how CARE could be part of this year’s holiday traditions.

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