Take Action Tuesday: October 3, 2017

Take Action Tuesday: October 3, 2017


Fall, food & foreign assistance

It’s Take Action Tuesday and all we can think about is food – the meals we are grateful to share with family and friends, but also the millions of people around the world who don’t have that same privilege. We’re thinking about people stranded after natural disasters and running from violent conflicts; whose markets have been destroyed and food supplies cut off; places where food insecurity is sadly a fact of life. We’re thinking about the women trying to feed their malnourished children in climates where food won’t grow, water is dirty and gender inequities leave them with nothing to eat. We’re also thinking about those whose lives and livelihoods, right here in the U.S., are dedicated to providing food aid to hungry people in starving countries.

Foreign assistance programs, like food aid and nutrition programs for starving children and families, not only save millions of lives every year, but they also employ hundreds of thousands of American citizens, including at the Mana factory in Georgia, which manufactures high-nutrition, peanut-based emergency food packets, from locally grown peanut farms, for malnourished children in Africa. The factory is located in Georgia’s second poorest county and provides much-needed employment in an area where few opportunities exist.

That’s one of the most important reasons why robust foreign assistance funding in the FY18 budget is essential. It’s not all about people in developing countries who need the food and assistance America provides. It’s also about the Americans who provide it. Frankly, we’re not sure the American economy can take the job losses that the proposed cuts to foreign assistance would cause. That’s why, for this Take Action Tuesday, all we want to do is talk about food.

Here’s what you can do if you have:

5 minutes: Read and share our blog post about touring the Mana factory in Georgia with Senator Johnny Isakson and about how food aid and foreign assistance impacts the American economy.

10 minutes: Watch this video about food aid reform, then share it on social media and tag 5 friends and ask them to share it too.

20 minutes: Get ready for World Food Day (Oct 16) by doing a deep-dive with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. This year’s theme addresses changing global migration by investing in food security and rural development.

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