Take Action Tuesday - October 24, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - October 24, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and CARE Action is tapping into a global conversation that starts with the words, “Me Too.” The painful accounts we’re hearing from women all over the world about violence perpetrated against women are tragic, common and universal. Violence, trauma and gender inequality are among the biggest drivers of poverty, hunger and extremism and CARE has been working to address these issues in the world’s poorest countries for decades. 

While the U.S. grapples with gender-based violence at home, CARE is paying close attention to these same issues on a global level.  We’re thinking about the millions of girls and women who are forced to flee their homes every year because of horrendous acts of violence, conflicts and crises. They seek refuge in neighboring countries (or countries far away) where they hope to find safety and along the way, they’re raped, tortured, and beaten. We hear these stories every day. Right now, millions of refugees are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, medical care and psychological support for trauma caused by sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence.   

Gender-based violence is among the most pervasive and least-recognized human rights abuses in the world. It's estimated that at least one in three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or abused.  Violence leaves survivors with long-term psychological and physical trauma; tears away at the social fabric of communities; and is used with terrifying effect in conflict settings, where women become primary targets. 

It doesn't have to be this way and right now, women and men are speaking up, telling their stories and coming together to stop gender-based violence.  For this Take Action Tuesday, we want you to speak up with us.  Here’s what you can do if you have: 

5 minutes: UNFPA is one of the UN's lead agencies working to further gender equality and women’s empowerment, and to address the physical and emotional consequences of gender-based violence. Send a letter to your Members of Congress and tell them to support UNFPA.  

10 minutes:  Watch this video to learn how CARE works with men and boys to address gender based violence. Then, share it on social media and tag 5 friends.    

30 minutes: This one’s a repeat from last weeks, folks, but we can’t ask this often enough: Send a Letter to the Editor.  LTEs make a big impact because they let you state your case to your community and elected officials at the same time. 

This tool kit shows you how to write one but don’t hesitate to email us at can@care.org if we can help you through the process.  

As shocking as these #MeToo weeks have been, we’re grateful that we’re finally shining a spotlight on the violence women experience everywhere, everyday and in every country.  Critical discussions about gender-based violence couldn’t come at a more important time because CARE knows that when women are allowed to live in peace, free from violence and up to their own potentials; their lives, families and entire countries are transformed.   

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