Take Action Tuesday - November 14, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - November 14, 2017


Time To Take Action on Climate Change

It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re running out of time.  If the United States and its citizens are serious about improving the economy, increasing global security, saving the planet and improving the lives of millions of people who live with poverty, hunger and conflict, then we have to get serious about climate change.

CARE knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that there’s a direct connection between the unprecedented and extreme climate conditions and climate-related disasters that are happening all over the planet and the unprecedented and extreme poverty and extreme food insecurity we’re seeing multiply around the world at epic proportions. Climate change destroys crops, livestock, water sources, families, communities, and economies. It impacts every aspect of global food security including how much food is available, who can access it, how well the body uses it, how it relates to water and sanitation and the desperate measures people will go to for survival.

We’ve never seen anything like what’s happening now on either the climate change or global hunger fronts and there’s no time to waste if we’re going to turn this disaster around. We must take action now and every one of us must opt in and provide solutions.  If that sounds like an awfully big ask, don’t worry – here are three quick ways you can opt in today:

  • 5 minutes: Boost your climate change education - 350.org is building a global grassroots movement to hold leaders accountable for addressing global warming. Learn more and find out how you can get involved.  
  • 15 minutes:  Watch Episode 13: “Youth” of the web series, Climate Countdown. Season One of this award-winning series includes 16 quick video episodes that map out what scientists, activists, policy makers and citizens are actually doing to tackle climate change.  We love this series because it provides a great climate change education along with practical solutions and also because it was produced and directed by CARE Advocate Leader, Kaia Rose. Join the conversation online by following the Connect4Climate Facebook page.
  • 45 minutes:  Download and share our most recent podcast episode – Climate Change, Gender and Hunger. Tonya Rawe, Global Policy Lead on Food & Nutrition Security for CARE talks about food security, hunger, climate change and gender and how that connects to the foreign assistance budget. 

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