Take Action Tuesday - May 9 Celebrate a Win

Take Action Tuesday - May 9 Celebrate a Win


It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re telling it like it is:  The past few months have been brutal.  We’ve all been holding our breaths until we knew whether we had the funding to do the lifesaving, world-changing work we’re all committed to – eradicating poverty, empowering women and girls and making the world we live in a stronger, healthier and more peaceful place for all its citizens.  Well, guess what?  We can all exhale now.  We did it.  You did it!

Congress passed the final omnibus bill for FY 17, which funds foreign assistance programs  (and the rest of the government) until September 30th.   It provides:

  • $53.8 for international affairs – 0.5% more than FY16
  • $990 million for critical famine relief in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia,
  • $1.6 billion for food aid 

It also protects essential funding for women and girls globally, including a multi-year strategy to address gender-based violence. It maintains funding for most foreign assistance programs, plus USAID and UNFPA and requires the White House to consult with Congress before discontinuing any programs or restructuring any departments within the State Department and USAID.

We think this is Congress’ way of telling the new Administration, “not so fast with your plans to rollback foreign assistance.” They’re taking the lead and showing the world what American really stands for.  And for that, we have our advocates to thank.  All your months of hard work and advocacy have paid off with a big, big win.

The Administration’s full budget proposal for FY 18 is anticipated in May though and at that point – we’ll hold our breaths again.  For now though, it’s time to celebrate, give ourselves pats on the back and savor the win.  That’s why, for this Take Action Tuesday, we’re asking you to party. Here’s how you can celebrate if you have:

5 minutes:  Post the news on all your social media platforms.  Say something like this:

10 minutes:  Send a thank you note to your Member of Congress and say thanks for standing up for American values, generosity and security. 

30 minutes:  Register for the CARE National Conference, May 22 – 24 in Washington DC and get ready to celebrate, train and advocate hard with hundreds of others who’ve joined our global effort.  Then, buy your plane tickets, book your hotel and download Advocate U.  Done! 


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