Take Action Tuesday - May 16

Take Action Tuesday - May 16


Time to Get Packing

It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re getting ready for next week’s CARE National Conference – our biggest advocacy event of the year.  If you’re coming to Washington DC and joining us for this, our 15th conference, you’re probably as excited about our line up of speakers, panelists and events as we are.  You’re also probably just as edgy because, like us, you recognize that this year is different.  The stakes are higher, the risks are greater and the future seems more uncertain than ever. 

The issues we’ll be going deep on throughout the conference and our day of advocacy on Capitol Hill are:

Whether you’re staying home or you’re joining the conference by plane, train or automobile, here’s what you can do today to get ready if you have:

  • 15 minutes:  Set up a Google Alert on any or all of the issues we’ll be covering or Members of Congress we’ll be advocating with during the conference and get the most current information from trusted media sources delivered right to your inbox.  This is one of our favorite shortcuts for getting up-to-date information on people, issues and policies that are important to us and that we can plug in to our advocacy conversations.
  • 1 hour:  Join us on Wednesday, May 17 at 12pm ET/11am CT/9am PT for the CARE National Conference attendee briefing call.  On this call, you’ll receive important information on conference logistics, programming and the legislative priority.  To join the call, please dial 1-877-270-2148 and ask for the “CARE Call”. 

And, while you’re packing, download the CARE Action podcast on ITunes and give it a listen while you’re on your way to the airport or work.  It’s just one of the many ways we’re bringing advocates together, staying informed and generating ideas for taking our advocacy and CARE’s work to the next level. 

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