Take Action Tuesday: Keeping up the pressure back home

Take Action Tuesday: Keeping up the pressure back home


Many CARE Action advocates held in-district meetings over the past couple weeks while Congress was in recess and Members of Congress (MOCs) were back in their home states.  In many of these meetings, delivering CARE’s message and asking for Congressional support for the foreign assistance budget was like preaching to the choir.  CARE counts ourselves incredibly fortunate for the many longstanding, strong relationships we have with MOCs from both sides of the aisle.  When our advocates come to their offices to talk about humanitarian and global poverty issues, the visits tend to be chatty opportunities to catch each other up on the work we’re all trying to do – make the world a better place for everyone.     

Meetings held during this past recess, however, had a little bit different feel than they’ve had in recent years.  There was a new sense of urgency. In some cases, we were with strong supporters who shared our deep concern for the deep and damaging cuts to foreign assistance that President Trump has proposed. Others were with MOCs who are new to Congress, or just new to CARE, and we had an important opportunity to bring them up to speed. But through all of these meetings there was a clear undercurrent of concern and the need to act now to beat back the budget proposal. MOCs of all stripes need to hear from as many constituents as possible that America and the world cannot afford to see any cuts to foreign assistance. 

That’s what advocacy is all about.  Meeting-by-meeting, person-by-person, we’re telling people why humanitarian assistance is essential, critical and something America must fully support. CARE Action advocates in every state are asking Congress to do the right thing and fully fund international foreign assistance.  We need all the support we can get and that means YOU. Advocacy doesn’t have to take long.  You can do it right from your home in just 2 minutes, or a little more if you've got the time.  We’ll take whatever you can give us.  Here’s what you can do today if you have: 

2 minutes: Bookmark CARE Action, CARE, and Advocate U and make our sites a regular stop for up-to-date information on events, advocacy issues and what’s happening on Capitol Hill.

5 minutes: Check out our post about how humanitarian and development assistance is under attack, and share it on Facebook. Make sure to sign our petition and ask your social media network to do the same. 

15 minutes:  Call your Member of Congress or send an email and tell her/him that international humanitarian assistance is important to you as a constituent and CARE supporter. Ask you MOC to support full funding for FY18 in the foreign assistance budget. Here’s some step-by-step information to make your call or email easy. 

If you haven’t already signed up to attend the CARE National Conference May 22 – 24 in Washington DC, learn more here and book your flight.  This is the advocacy event of the year and this year, like never before, we need all our advocates present and ready to rumble.  That’s how important your support is.  This year, it could be the difference between having the ability to eradicate poverty, empower women and develop programs that will establish global security or…a future we’d rather not think about.

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