Take Action Tuesday - June 6, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - June 6, 2017


Making It Personal

Last month it was the budget. This month, it’s climate change. What’s next? 

We know we’ve been asking a lot from you lately, but with the new administration dropping new crises bombs almost daily, America’s ability to provide humanitarian assistance is at stake. We need your a-game advocacy skills, now more than ever, to keep the pressure on Congress to fully fund foreign assistance and support policies that save lives in the world’s poorest countries. But, how do we keep up the momentum in this new crisis-a-day political climate? By making it personal.

Most of us who advocate have at least one personal reason for why we do what we do – a story, a friend, a challenge, a belief system or a personal mission that keeps our advocacy engines humming. For some people, the reason is crystal clear, but for others, finding their “why” is a little harder to nail down. Maybe they’re motivated by their children or want to leave the world a better place for future generations. Maybe they have a head for business and know that our future relies on a global economy. Maybe they’re terrified of terrorism and want to promote peace around the world. Or maybe they’ve heard a story, seen a movie or heard a TED talk that moved their heart and activated their advocacy.

This week, for Take Action Tuesday, we want you to dig down deep and find your answer for why you CARE about foreign assistance, and we’re hoping this week’s quick and easy actions will inspire you. Here’s what you can do today if you have:

  • 5 minutes:  Show Me The Money: If you pay taxes, then you’re helping to save lives. Want to know how many?  Enter your annual income in our handy calculator and find out how much you personally contribute to foreign assistance. Then, find out what those dollars can buy in terms of lifesaving humanitarian assistance.

  • 10 minutes:  Read and Share: CARE is deeply concerned about President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.  Read how climate change destroys lives in developing countries and share CARE’s statement on your social media platforms. 

  • 1 hour:  Give us a listen:  This week’s episode of the CARE Action Podcast features Bushra Aldukhainah, area manager for CARE International in Yemen. If Bushra’s courage, grit and determination as both a provider and a recipient of foreign assistance don’t inspire you, then we’re going to need to find you a new heart. 

Once you’ve figured out why you’re advocating for CARE, share your reason on our Facebook page and let your story inspire others. 

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