Take Action Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Take Action Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Make the Call – Take The Meeting

We’re back from the National conference in DC and ready to advocate in our home states to support CARE’s work around the world.  We’re determined to keep pressure on Congress to fully fund foreign assistance for FY2018, but considering how distracted everyone on Capitol Hill is these days; we know it’s an uphill fight.  That’s why we’re counting on our advocates to keep Congress focused.  Here’s what we need you to do:  Make a call and take a meeting.

Join CARE advocates from all over the country to Amplify Your Voice this summer by taking a series of actions that show support for foreign assistance.  We need phone calls, attendance at town halls and in-district meetings, op-eds, letters to editors...whatever you can do to influence your Member of Congress – go for it! 

For new advocates, taking actions, like making calls or setting up meetings with your Representatives to talk about foreign assistance, can be daunting.  For “old” advocates, setting up your dozenth meeting can be exhausting, but the need for solid foreign assistance advocacy is greater than ever. No matter how green or weathered your advocacy game, your in-district meetings, phone calls, posts and emails are powerful. CARE advocates are overwhelmingly considered to be credible, reliable foreign assistance experts who not only speak on CARE’s behalf, but also on behalf of thousands of other CARE supporters in their states.  Members of Congress listen to their constituents and now’s the time to dial up the volume.  Here’s what you can do to Amplify Your Voice this week if you have:

  • 5 minutes:  Call your Member of Congress and request an in-district meeting to discuss CARE's concerns on foreign assistance funding.  
  • 30 minutes:  Join us today, Tuesday June 13 at 8PM EST for our Advocacy 101 training call where we talk with our newest advocates about why your calls to Congress are important, how to conduct a meeting, and what Congress needs to hear from constituents about foreign assistance.  Sign up here and get all the information you need to make the call.

This is your chance to help shape the work ahead. Seriously, it’s not that hard…just make the call and take the meeting!

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