Take Action Tuesday: July 11, 2017

Take Action Tuesday: July 11, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and World Population Day, which makes this a take action two-fer. C’mon now, that’s fair…we took last TAT off for the Fourth of July so, this week, let’s gather up our post-holiday patriotic spirit and get back to work advocating for women and girls in developing countries.  

July 11th is World Population Day, which was established by the United Nations. This year's theme is “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations,” which breaks down to this:  

When women and couples have access to safe, voluntary family planning options, they have the power to control their health, reproductive lives, the size of their families, their ability to work or go to school and how family resources are generated and utilized.  When enough people in a community have that power, it changes entire countries…enough countries and we change the world for good.  

Right now, we’re facing more humanitarian crises than ever before: famine conditions in four countries, the worst refugee crisis in history and violent conflicts all over the world. These are dangerous conditions for everyone, but women of child-bearing age and their children are particularly vulnerable. The majority of maternal deaths worldwide take place in emergency contexts and fragile states.  

We’re also facing an unprecedented funding crisis and the threat of an extreme shift in how the U.S. will help address those crises.  The current Administration wants to slash funds for foreign assistance, including vital programs that specifically address women’s health, gender equity and family planning.   

This misinformed policy is dangerous and could lead to the deaths of countless women and children. It will destroy decades of development progress and leave families without the basic health services they need to survive.  We can’t let that happen. The U.S. must be the global leader who steps up with solutions we know are cost effective and proven to work, saving the lives of women and families all over the world.  On this World Population Day, we want you to help the U.S. lead.

Here’s what you can do today if you have: 

I am a CARE supporter in your district and I’m in favor of U.S support for voluntary family planning options as part of effective, sustainable international humanitarian and development assistance. CARE knows from its work around the globe that access to  maternal health services save lives every day.   

Find out who your Representatives and Senators are and their contact information by logging on to WhoIsMyRepresentative.com

If you still have patriotic spirit and time to “CARE,” download our most recent episode of the CARE Action podcast. Michelle Carter talks about her 20-year career with CARE, food security in Southern Africa & the 1st Anniversary of the Global Food Security Act.  Make sure you subscribe to receive all future podcasts because next week, we’re talking about family planning with the experts from the UN Foundation and UNFPA.  You’re not going to want to miss that. 

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