Take Action Tuesday: January 30, 2018

Take Action Tuesday: January 30, 2018



It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’d like to take a moment to honor our humanitarian colleagues around the globe and the sacrifices they make every day.  Last week, our colleagues at Save the Children suffered a horrific attack in Afghanistan last week   that left five people dead, including three Save the Children staff members, and dozens more were injured.  Like CARE, Save the Children provides humanitarian and development assistance in the poorest countries on earth. In Afghanistan, they reach more than 700,000 children in 16 provinces with life-sustaining services like health care, food and education support.  Please join us as we take today to honor our colleagues and shine a light on their bravery and determination, even when it’s dangerous and they have everything to lose. 

We’d also like to shine a light on the humanitarians and advocates we work with every day, including you. During this time when so much is uncertain and so much is at stake regarding issues like the foreign assistance budget and gender-based violence, we want to acknowledge the bravery and determination we see all the time in our advocates, coworkers and humanitarians we work with around the world. 

When we hear from an advocate that talking about women’s issues and foreign assistance at her church made her terribly anxious, but she did it anyway…that’s bravery in action. When a colleague tells us he gets scared sometimes when he travels far from home, but he does it anyway…that’s courage. This work is hard at every level, whether you’re an advocate at your first in-district meeting or a humanitarian in the field. It requires skill, strength and stamina we don’t always think we have, but we do it anyway…because the rewards for ourselves, our country and the world we all live in far outweigh our fears, doubts and hardship. Thank you for doing it with us.

For this Take Action Tuesday, join us as we honor our colleagues and prepare for the hard work we have ahead of us in 2018. Here’s what you can do if you have:

1 minute: Share CARE’s post on Twitter in support of our colleagues at Save The Children, and add a personal note about why you stand in solidarity with humanitarian workers around the world.

3 minutes: Watch this video to learn more about how CARE responds to today's emergencies in the field, then post it on social media, tag @CARE and @CAREActionNow and 5 friends who will watch and share too.

30 minutes: Listen to our latest podcast episode with CARE Action’s Executive Director, Rachael Leman and find out what’s in store for 2018 as we start our advocacy year together. 

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