Take Action Tuesday: January 23, 2018

Take Action Tuesday: January 23, 2018



It’s Take Action Tuesday and it could not have come at a more pressing time!  This weekend, on the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, the government shut down while millions of people took to the streets to march in solidarity with women around the world. After this weekend and a year of constant ups and downs, CARE Action, along with the rest of the world, is taking stock and asking, “What’s next?”  

Fortunately, the government shutdown was short lived, and the federal government is back up and running...for now. All the big questions about the budget and issues like immigration still have to be resolved, and that includes what level of support we'll have for the foreign assistance budget.  

Is there any good news? Yes, there is. After a long year of tireless advocacy, we know that a majority of Members of Congress support a robust foreign assistance budget. They understand how volatile things are right now and how critical it is for America to provide humanitarian relief and development assistance.  

So, what's the bad news? The final budget is still in question. As these high stakes negotiations continue, there's no guarantee where they will end up. They already took us into one shutdown, however brief. Where will they go next? We just don't know.  

What we do know is there’s still time for us to evoke meaningful change.  

No doubt, there will be a lot of difficult discussions going forward about foreign assistance and humanitarian aid. Hard decisions will be made about how funds will be generated, allocated and utilized, but right at the center of all that uncertainty, there are some things we know for sure:  

  • CARE’s mission hasn’t changed one bit.   

  • CARE’s partners, champions and advocates are one powerful force that makes change happen. 

  • CARE Action is as determined as ever to raise awareness, strengthen relationships and support the people and policies that have the power to make global poverty eradication possible.  

We also know that during this frustrating, chaotic moment in history, the democratic process upon which our country was founded is still operating at maximum capacity. Advocates are marching in the streets, camping out in town halls and storming their Representatives’ offices to ensure their messages, intentions and priorities are heard. They’re showing up in full force at polling places and making their presence felt.  

CARE Action is certain that no matter what happens next, our advocates will move progress forward.  Here’s how you can help today if you have: 

1 minute:  Share this quote from Michelle Nunn, CARE’s President and CEO, about what a government shutdown means for CARE. Include a note that says something like "The shutdown might be over for now, but big budget questions still remain. Our representatives need to know that when the U.S. government shuts down, the world's most marginalized are more vulnerable than ever." 

5 minutes:  Log on to http://www.usglc.org/the-budget/ for the most up-to-date information on where foreign assistance funding stands right now. 

15 minutes: Roll the film and send your message to the world. We want you to make your own video and share it on social media. Short and sweet, tell us what you’re advocating for this year. Get people excited about advocacy in 2018 and grow our network of fierce CARE advocates. Check out our DIY Women’s March Anniversary video toolkit with everything you need to make and post your film and check out this video for inspiration. 

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