Take Action Tuesday, Here's what you can do right now

Take Action Tuesday, Here's what you can do right now


During last week’s massive mobilization effort, thousands of you joined CARE, CARE Action! and a coalition of other humanitarian organizations, businesses and military leaders to tell Congress that they must support a fully funded International Affairs Budget and oppose President Trump’s request to cut it by a third.  Together, we wrote thousands of letters to editors and emails to members of Congress, and made tens of thousands of phone calls. Some people even handed out pennies to symbolize that foreign assistance accounts for only one penny on the federal budget dollar. We think it’s #WorthThePenny.

We hope last week didn’t wear you out because now is not the time to back off on advocacy efforts. There’s just too much at stake. 

  • Congress is still debating budget requests and foreign assistance is still on the chopping block.
  • We’re still facing famines in four very volatile and fragile parts of the world, and
  • We’re still dealing with the biggest refugee crisis in history.

We’ve come so far over the past couple of decades to sustainably reduce extreme poverty and improve people’s lives, and we can’t let that all go to waste. We must keep pressuring Congress to represent America’s greatness through strong, generous and compassionate policies that help make the world a safer, more prosperous place for all its citizens. 

Seriously, it won’t take long, and anything you do today will make a difference to CARE, CARE Action! and millions of people all over the world who depend on America. Here’s what you can do today if you have:

  • 3 minutes:  Sign our petition to Congress to take foreign assistance off the chopping block. Then, share it on all your social media profiles. 
  • 5 minutes:  Visit #AmericaLeads website and join their efforts to protect America’s foreign assistance budget. 
  • 10 minutes:  Register to join us at the CARE National Conference, May 22-24 in Washington DC, where we’ll train you to advocate for policies that support CARE’s mission and take you up on Capitol Hill to tell Congress that foreign assistance is critical to America’s leadership.

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