Take Action Tuesday: Here's What You Can Do Right Now

Take Action Tuesday: Here's What You Can Do Right Now


Now that the President’s budget proposal has been released and we know what we’re dealing with, CARE Action is answering back with total mobilization. The budget request would slash funding for foreign assistance programs by roughly a third. We can’t let that happen.  We’re counting on you to help us. 

The budget specifically proposes a 31% funding cut and requests that the focus of our nation’s development and humanitarian work shift away from those most in need. Such an approach could leave millions of additional people vulnerable to emergencies, and fuel increased poverty and conflict. CARE is deeply concerned about the developing countries that might not be “strategic” enough and the millions of people who’ll be left vulnerable to emergencies, increased poverty and conflict.

If enacted, this budget proposal would represent a retreat from America’s leadership in the world and threaten our country’s ability to safeguard against the desperation and instability often caused by extreme poverty and suffering. CARE is stepping up, speaking out, and telling our representatives in Washington that letting these people down is not an option. That’s not CARE.  That’s not America. That’s not who we are.

CARE, CARE Action, and a coalition of anti-poverty organizations have launched the #WorthThePenny campaign to demonstrate that vital U.S. foreign assistance programs account for a mere penny of the federal budget dollar – and this penny must be saved.

We’re calling on every advocate to get creative and take action because this proposed budget does not have to become law. Only Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs but they won't act unless they hear from you. It won’t take long, we promise, but we need you now more than ever.

Here’s what you can do today if you have:

2 minutes:  If you haven’t already done it, sign our petition and tell Congress today: Foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny. Don't put this lifesaving aid on the chopping block. 

Then – email this Take Action Tuesday bulletin to 5 friends.

5 minutes:  Use this how-to guide to call your Representatives and Senators.  We’ve made it super simple.  Everything you need to know is there.

1 hourDownload our latest podcast with journalist Syambra Moitozo, a freelance journalist at Vice Media where we talk about the real women and families this budget would harm. 

Then, post a link to the pod on your social media pages and tag your Member of Congress.  Say something like this:

What would the President’s budget proposal mean for those most in need? Find out why foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny on this week’s @CAREActionNow podcast with @Vice media’s Syambra Moitozo http://apple.co/2mtGEU0


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