Take Action Tuesday: Here's What You Can Do Right Now

Take Action Tuesday: Here's What You Can Do Right Now


Was it just us or did the Super Bowl mean something special this year?  Between Lady Gaga’s mic-dropping performance and a few exceptionally heart-wrenching commercials, we were hooked from beginning to end.  The overriding message on and off the field seemed to be about inclusion, diversity, empowerment and big wins that come out of nowhere.  We were watching advocacy in action like never before.  (Oh, and there was a football game too.)

One ad was particularly compelling as millions of Americans followed a mother-daughter refugee story until they reached the U.S. border wall.  Then, you had to log on to a lumber company’s website to see how their story ends.  The response was so big, it crashed their website. Suddenly, we’re seeing refugees differently. People want to hear their stories and we’re rooting for a happy ending.

This is what citizen advocacy looks like - diverse individuals coming together to make their voices heard and it’s making a big difference.  We’re seeing examples of democracy in action in courtrooms, boardrooms and town hall meetings all over America.   We’re excited about it and we’re committed to doing our part to keep this wave of citizen engagement going.  You’re excited too, right? 

 Here’s what you can do today – Take Action Tuesday - if you have:

5 minutes: Stand Up For Refugees: Sign this petition to urge policymakers in Congress to give their unequivocal support to refugee families. If you’ve already signed – thank you! Now we’d love for you to share it with friends and family and ask them to sign it too.

10 minutes:  Listen to CARE’s President and CEO, Michelle Nunn on NPR’s Morning Edition talk about how the “harmful and un-American ban" will affect refugees and humanitarian assistance workers and how CARE will adjust with the new Administration.  

30 minutes - Join our friends at Global Fund for Women for their #BuildMovementsNotWalls campaign where women around the world get loud for human rights 

If you’ve got more time to invest, come on over to CARE and CARE Action!  We have plenty of ways for you to join us, learn about and advocate for refugees, women and girls and humanitarian assistance.  Let’s keep this wave going!

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