Take Action Tuesday: Here’s What You Can Do Right Now

Take Action Tuesday: Here’s What You Can Do Right Now


CARE is still celebrating women!

CARE supporters really showed up last week to advocate for women around the world.  We counted our steps, Walked In Her Shoes, we marched in solidarity and celebration, and called on Congress to support programs that empower women. We celebrated International Women’s Day through actions that told the world in no uncertain terms that women are a force to be reckoned with.

CARE stands behind the power of women to make change happen.  We know that when you invest in girls and women, you create security, prosperity and opportunity for families, communities and entire countries.  You solve complex problems that have plagued society for generations and lift people out of poverty in powerful, sustainable ways.  That’s what women do. That’s who CARE supports.  That’s who needs your help.

Now that International Women’s Day is behind us, let’s keep the momentum going and make the world a safer, more secure and prosperous place for all women, children and families. Lend us a hand, will you.  Here’s what you can do today if you have: 

  • 5 Minutes - Sign our newest petition and tell Congress today: Don't put lifesaving assistance on the chopping block. Then share it on Facebook. 
  • 10 minutesRegister to attend the National CARE Conference in Washington DC, May 22 to 24 where you’ll network with other global citizens, learn how to advocate on global issues and join CARE on Capitol Hill to speak with Members of Congress about the changes you want to see in the world. 
  • 1 hour – Join us on Monday, March 20th at 8pm EDT for an insider’s briefing call that breaks down how President Trump’s proposed foreign affairs budget will impact CARE’s work. Call 1-877-270-2148 and ask to join the “CARE Budget Briefing call.”

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