Take Action Tuesday: Here’s What You Can Do Right Now

Take Action Tuesday: Here’s What You Can Do Right Now


Last week, millions of immigrants took a stand by staying home from work to show the world what a country without immigrants looks like.  At the end of the day, it looked like hundreds of thousands of shuttered stores, closed restaurants and millions of jobs left undone. It was a beautiful illustration of the value that immigrants and refugees add, not just to the economy, but to the fabric of society. It was also another prime example of just how diverse and effective advocacy efforts have become in 2017.

Without refugees, America is incomplete. That’s where this country started. That’s how it has thrived and that’s what we must defend to keep America true to its values.  But now more than ever, we must all put those values to work whether we’re individual citizen advocates, global humanitarian organizations or leaders in the greatest democracy on Earth.  We must take care of the world’s poorest, most vulnerable citizens because they have the most to lose and the most to offer.  We must also help them to strengthen their own countries, economies and potentials so they don’t have to leave their home countries to survive.

If millions of immigrants can take a day off to make their voices heard, then you can take a few minutes to help turn up the volume, right? That’s what advocacy means – speaking up for those who need our help. If you have:

3 minutes: Watch and share Girl Up’s new video and find out what it means to girl-leaders who use their voices to make a difference. 

15 minutesCheck out CARE’s upcoming #Walk In Her Shoes campaign (co-chaired by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg) and learn how you can walk in solidarity and raise funds for women and girls in developing countries from March 8-14.

1 hour:  Go over and read Ben Weingrod’s blogpost which walks you through how to call your member of congress in three simple steps. Once you’ve read through that, pick up the phone and give your members a call 

Never forget that real advocacy comes from countless small actions, built over time by dedicated individuals.  Real advocacy comes from raising awareness, raising our voices and raising funds to make a difference for people who need us.  Take action today on CARE’s behalf and help us make change happen all over the world.  


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