Take Action Tuesday: February 27, 2018

Take Action Tuesday: February 27, 2018


It’s Take Action Tuesday and we’re fighting to prioritize the rights of women and girls everywhere. 

Last week, we learned that the State Department will remove language about women's reproductive health and rights from its annual global human rights report. They are specifically targeting passages that detail societal views on family planning and access to contraceptives, plus sections that include racial, ethnic and sexual discrimination.  

This mandate is in line with other moves made by the Trump administration to de-prioritize women’s health and it stands in direct opposition to support for international family planning that CARE continues to advocate for. As Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE, said in response, “We cannot afford to back away now. Women’s access to lifesaving health care services and the protection of all communities against discrimination should not be censored or politicized.”

Addressing women’s reproductive needs is critical for ensuring safe pregnancies, promoting development in the most vulnerable communities on Earth and stabilizing economies where women are underrepresented. We’re alarmed that at this point in time, when the world is facing more humanitarian crises than ever before in history, that the health and human rights of half the affected population is not being included in the U.S. global human rights report. 

Undermining women is not what CARE or our advocates believe is the right approach to foreign assistance that will create a safer, healthier world. Women’s health and reproductive rights are at the core of what CARE does and we want our leaders to stand up for healthier families and communities everywhere. Here’s how you can help us get the word out if you have:

  • 2 minutes: Share this post on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word that we will not be silent about women’s health and rights. 
  • 10 minutes: Register to attend this year’s CARE National Conference, May 21-23, 2018 in Washington D.C. for three days of information, inspiration and advocacy with hundreds of fellow CARE Advocates and tell Congress in-person that women’s rights are important to you.  Then, invite 5 friends to come with you
  • 45 minutes:  Listen to our brand new podcast, Activists on the Line, where we interview feminist activists from two African countries about  how they’re changing women’s lives.  Then, share it on social media and help us build our audience.


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