Take Action Tuesday - December 19, 2017

Take Action Tuesday - December 19, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday during one of the busiest, most stress-filled weeks of the year. Last week, Congress voted to extend FY17 funding levels for another two weeks to avoid a government shutdown and to give Congress time to reach a budget deal and finalize FY18 spending bills.  We’re even hearing some talk that two weeks won’t be enough to hammer out all the details still being negotiated on Capitol Hill – meaning Congress may need to kick the can into January 2018 for a budget vote. 

While some of us would like to see the vote over with – so we know what we’re up against next year – most of us are grateful to have a little extra time to advocate for the women, girls and families whose lives depend on U.S. foreign assistance. We’re also grateful that many of those aforementioned details are being hammered out by CARE’s strongest champions on Capitol Hill. During this season of generosity and compassion, we’re counting on them to represent America’s best interests, values and aspirations in these critical negotiations.

Here’s hoping the holiday season works its magic and we start 2018 with renewed resources, commitments and the determination we need to eradicate poverty and relieve suffering in a struggling world. ‘Tis the season after all. 

Here’s how you can take action today if you have:

  • 5 minutes:  Send your members of Congress a holiday email, Facebook or Twitter post (tag them) and say: Happy Holidays! Thank you for honoring the season by insisting on a fully-funded U.S. foreign assistance budget!  #DontCutLives!
  • 10 minutes:  ReadWhere Will I Deliver My Baby” posted by the Global Moms Challenge, which illustrates the frightening lack of health care that pregnant women face in humanitarian crises. Then, post the link and tell your friends that this is the Nativity Scene you’re helping to rescue this year and ask them to join us.

We’re taking next week off from Take Action Tuesday to enjoy the holidays and prepare for 2018. Happy Holidays to you and yours from CARE Action. 

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