Take Action Tuesday: August 29, 2017

Take Action Tuesday: August 29, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and CARE Action is getting ready for Congress to reconvene next week. While many advocates spent time this summer talking about foreign assistance with Members of Congress in their home districts, some of us have been on mini advocacy-vacations. Now that summer is nearing its end, it’s time for all of us to get back to business.

CARE is focused on supporting policies that eradicate poverty and promote women’s empowerment, economic opportunities, health, safety and wellbeing in developing countries. No matter what we’re advocating for though, the single-most critical issue on our advocacy agenda remains the Budget. Without proper funding for foreign assistance, nothing else matters.

That’s why, for this Take Action Tuesday, we’re asking you to refresh your memory on all things BUDGET! Here’s the short story: 

  • Lifesaving foreign assistance funding represents one percent of the U.S. budget; just one penny on the federal  dollar. These low-cost programs save millions of lives every year, address the root causes of poverty, decrease dependency, and build stronger, more resilient societies.  

If you have time for nothing else this week, all we ask is that you commit that “bullet point” to memory and use it to educate those who are still confused about what foreign assistance means. If you have time for more, then here’s what you can do in: 

  • 1 minute: Lifesaving Foreign Assistance is Worth the Penny. Watch this video, share it on Facebook, and tag CARE Action.  
  • 5 minutes: Post this on social media and tag five friends:  Congress reconvenes next week. Let’s make sure they #DontCutLives by keeping foreign assistance fully funded in FY18. http://bit.ly/2g6yeU8  
  • 30 minutes: Visit our Advocate U “Issues” page, bone up on why foreign assistance funding is our #1 issue and then, create your own advocacy to-do list (send a letter to the editor, schedule an in-district meeting with your MOC, host friends for coffee and policy-talk, etc.) 

With only weeks remaining before Congress finalizes the budget for fiscal year 2018, we’ll be working hard to keep foreign assistance funding a priority and to help Americans understand how that penny on the dollar pays back in terms of national security, economic benefits and global health and stability.

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