Take Action Tuesday: August 22, 2017

Take Action Tuesday: August 22, 2017


It’s Take Action Tuesday and this week we’re shining a light on the ways that terrible conditions in crises and conflicts are particularly dangerous for women and girls. With unprecedented global challenges – more people have been forced to flee their homes than ever before and four nations are on the brink of famine – there's never been a more important time to stand up for those who are most vulnerable.    

Our job, as humanitarians, is to help girls and women access the resources they need to be safe and healthy, especially in emergency situations, refugee settings and places where conflict, drought, famine and disease make already desperate, circumstances even more dangerous. CARE helps communities establish new patterns and opportunities for equality, economic growth, social progress and new paths for girls, women and communities to reach their full potentials and live their lives free from violence. 

For Take Action Tuesday, we’re asking you to raise you voice in support of women and girls facing dire circumstances. It's not enough simply to quell the violence.  We must also cultivate peace, prosperity and equality. It is all of our responsibilities, no matter where we live, because ultimately, we’re all in this together.  You’re ready to dig in, right?  Here’s what you can do if you have: 

5 minutes: Watch this video from CARE Yemen about the impossible choices Yemeni women must make and how CARE is taking steps to support them.  Then, share it on social media and educate your friends and family.   

15 minutes:  Visit the Girls Not Brides website and read the blog post, Less Talk, More Action to Address Child Marriage in Emergencies.  Use their social media tool kit to help spread the word. And make sure to tag your Representative and Senators so that they know you care about this issue.  

30 minutes:  Listen to our most recent podcast – What is a Humanitarian? -- and get inspired to live each day as a humanitarian. Then strike up a conversation with your coworkers about what you heard. Tell them what you learned and ask them what they think. Let them know that they can go to www.careaction.org to learn about how they can be a humanitarian and an advocate too.

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